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As horses age, they lose some of their ability to repair and regenerate connective tissue and cartilage. palaMOUNTAINS Equine Bone & Joint is a unique ‘world first’ (International Patent No. 02/00220) Vitamin & Mineral Supplement which has been manufactured from ingredients that are key to the growth of healthy cartilage and the long-term maintenance of healthy joints. The effectiveness of the key ingredients in our formulas; Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 has been proven through practical use by veterinarians, and also in many scientific studies published. All the essential nutrients in PalaMOUNTAINS-Equine Bone & Joint are protected by the unique formulation and deliver up to 99.5% absorption rates,

Glucosamine for Joints: Glucosamine Sulphate is one of the building blocks of connective tissues and fluids. 

Chondroitin for Joints: Chondroitin Sulphate originates from Shark Cartilage and is an important building block in the maintenance of joint health. This is because it gives cartilage its elasticity and cushioning ability. Chondroitin sulphates are found in the cartilage and connective tissues of animals, and are part of the family of glycosaminoglycans, which are produced naturally in the bodies of animals.

2 litre bottle price  £95.95

    As maintenance ration can last up to 4 months

Feeding Directions:

As a dietary supplement to increase vitamin intake, pour onto any type of horse food, as per bottle feeding chart. For best results, use for 21 days, then 3 times per week for maintenance

Ingredient Analysis

Units per 30mls of oil (minimum)

  • Vitamin A

4050 iu

Helps aid in healthy skin & eyes

  • Vitamin D

255 iu

Helps aid in strong bones & teeth

  • Vitamin E

45 mg

Helps aid in protecting body tissue

  • Vitamin B1


B group Vitamins are involved in making red blood cells which carry  oxygen through the body to help it work effectively.

  • Vitamin B2

1.3 mg


  • Vitamin B6

0.55 mg


  • Vitamin B12

13 mg


  • Biotin

4.9 mg


  • Niacin

5.6 mg


  • Calcium Pantothenate

6.2 mg


  • Folic Acid

0.12 mg


  • Selenium

0.1 mg

A trace mineral that plays an important role in the body as  part of an antioxidant enzyme protecting the body from damage of free radicals.

  •    Glucosamine   Sulphate
2010 mg  
  •    Chondroitin   Sulphate
501 mg  
  • Omega 3 & 6


Essential Fatty Acids are vital nutrients for health, they aid in cell growth and functioning, muscles, nerves and organs etc.

Available from your local feed merchant/saddlery outlet


Direct from Cattle & Land Ltd., P.O. Box 261, Rainham, Kent. ME8 0WZ

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