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grounds care machinery

Build - repair - service


    From our workshop in Upchurch, Kent, we offer engineering support to the small farm and grounds care environment.


    Our on-site services include mobile welding while our workshop specialises in older equipment repairs and rebuilds where spares may no longer be available.


   We also build bespoke machinery as required for niche agricultural and grounds care environments.


   We can supply most farm workshop equipment in addition to manual hydraulic jacking and tipping systems for D.I.Y. installation.

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Telephone 01634 364832

Pig slapper tattoo kit

from £69.90 inc v.a.t. & delivery

Professional 7 space pig slapper tattoo

Australian stockmans coat

Western Supply stock clearance

All new saddles imported from U.S.A.

Horse bit clearance

Western saddle Rimfire Rancher

Rimfire Rancher 15.5 inch seat

Stock tree    New & unused

£ 595.00 inc v.a.t. (Good condition)

Telephone 01634 364832

     Horse bits 3 ring dutch gag waterford copper mouth

  Horse bits 4 ring dutch gag french link copper centre               Horse bits ring snaffle waterford copper mouth

 Horse bits Full cheek snaffle stainless

Contact   Telephone     01634 364832

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